“I needed to make some major life decisions about joining my fiance in another state and had questions regarding my work, so I booked a session with Jen. The Identifying My Core Values exercise Jen did with me helped determine the direction I wanted to take with these two major life decisions. I now make important decisions based on what my values are and whether the proposed direction aligns with those values. Her services were so valuable at a pivotal time in my life.” ~ Nicolaysen

“When I began seeing Jen, I had recently resigned from my job and was floundering in my search for a new one. Jen helped me look at my strengths and validated the actions that I took. I feel more confident and look forward to going back to school in search of a career that I find more fulfilling. My investment with Jen was certainly beneficial during this time of my life.” ~ Oliver

“Grateful is the only word I can use to describe the time I spent with Jen. Her deep listening and empathy have opened me to seek directions I would not have thought possible. I’m ready to move forward.” ~ Marianne

“My sessions with Jen were so beneficial. Her thought provoking questions allowed me to articulate the jumbled mess in my head and take the action I wanted to take. I found the weekly goals Jen held me accountable for stopped my procrastination!” ~ Susan

“After only three months of seeing Jen, I was able to move from a unmotivating and sometimes hostile work environment to a new position where I am excited to go to work. During our sessions I was able to vet my concerns and make plans each week to move forward from the confused and frustrated state that I was in. I now feel more confident and clear about the direction I am moving in my professional life and can’t wait to begin my new job.” ~ Sheila

“Although Jen’s demeanor is very calm her approach to coaching me really motivated me to “get off the couch”. Her unbiased listening, validation and flexible goal setting helped me get out of my mental rut. I was able to establish better communication with my ex-spouse and let go of issues that were holding me back. The end result is that I have more respect for myself.” ~ Katherine

“After a rocky divorce and needing to leave a toxic relationship, I felt victimized and did not know where to turn. Jen provided a listening ear to help me process my thoughts and the sessions motivated me to accomplish the goals I set for myself. As a result, I was able to overcome my bitterness, let go of the toxic relationship and get out of my mental rut. I like myself now.” ~ Angie

“Jen gave me the kindness and support to keep me strong as I moved into a new stage of life.” ~ Bob

“Jen was able to join eight strangers with differing goals into a group of women united in strength and equipped with tools to step boldly into the daunting arena of life. She was vulnerable with us creating an atmosphere that made vulnerability safe for everyone involved. Her celebration of our every moment of growth was motivating and loving, encouraging us to stay the course. We move forward willing to dare greatly and share our authentic selves with the world.” ~ Daring Way Group 4

“Jen offers a unique approach to her coaching by emphasizing the tough grind necessary to effect change countered by gentle encouragement to celebrate small victories along the way.” ~ Jill

“Working with Jen has opened me to new thoughts and given me tools to build the next chapter in my life.” ~ Patti

“Jen and I facilitated a Brene’ Brown Daring Way™ group with four teenage girls. In working with Jen, we were able to bring the concepts of vulnerability and shame to the adolescent group. This allowed them to connect with each other and not feel so alone.” ~ Tonya Hiland LCSW Counselor

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