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Jen’s coaching clears a path to encouragement, reflection, forward thinking and a clear picture for the future. This process entails Jen asking powerful questions, listening on many levels- to what is said and what is not said and reflecting back what is heard.

Jen follows the client’s agenda and helps the client develop a manageable plan of action. This is typically accomplished through weekly or biweekly sessions over a prescribed period of time.

While most coaching sessions are face to face in her Georgetown office, phone coaching is available as well.

Complimentary Session

To experience the power of coaching, schedule a complimentary session either by phone or in the Georgetown office, please call 512 763-6551 or email:

“The time with Jen allows me to process my challenges out loud. The questions she asks always help me get unstuck in my thinking.” I walk away feeling more confident as my life path becomes clearer.” Tori – Mother of Two

Facilitation and Presentations Available

Jen’s abilities as a facilitator and presenter are widely known. If you are interested in Brene′ Brown’s work, The Daring Way™ interactive small group or utilizing Jen’s services as a presenter, please contact Jen Mauldin by email:

Current Facilitated Groups Available

Daring Greatly Facilitated Book Discussion
Rising Strong Facilitated Book Discussion
Rising Strong 8 Week Group
The Daring Way™ 8 Week Group or Weekend Retreat

Clarity through Coaching Office

Presentations Currently Available

1. Two Ears, One Mouth Probably No Accident-The Art of Listening
2. Finding the Woman You Already Are-Identify Positive Feelings You Value and Set Goals to Enhance Your Life
3. Cultivating Self Compassion-Letting Go of Perfectionism
4. What Inspires Your Passion?
5. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
6. Leveling the Playing Field
7. No More Wonder Woman
8. Finding the Leader You Already Are

Presentations may be customized for your particular group’s needs.

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